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The fast, free app for clinicians to manage their patients with high blood pressure. Install the demo Watch a video

What is it?

Simple is an app that helps improve hypertension control and prevent heart attacks and strokes by making it easy for healthcare workers to manage blood pressure (BP) measurements and medications. A web-based Simple dashboard gives health system managers the feedback they need to improve BP control across their facilities.

Where is it?

Simple is deployed in more than 400 facilities in India and is used to manage over 100,000 patients with hypertension. Learn more about deployments. Simple will expand to more countries in 2019-2020.

What's special about Simple?

Simple is free, fast, easy to learn, and quick to deploy:

Record a BP in under 20 sec

Simple is fast and fits into most workflows, so healthcare workers spend more time with patients and less time doing data entry. A healthcare worker can record a visit with BP and medications in less than 20 seconds.

Easy to learn

Healthcare workers can learn Simple in the field in less than an hour.

BP history is simply displayed

A patient's BP history is displayed simply, so nurses and doctors can scan it in a busy care environment. We will add graphing of BPs soon.

Follow-up with every patient

It's very important for patients to return to the facility for treatment on a regular schedule. Scheduling follow-ups is easy and the patient will receive text message reminders to return to care.

Remind overdue patients to return

If a patient misses their follow-up visit, Simple will add them to an easy-to-use overdue list. Any staff member can call the patient and Simple hides their phone number from the patient.

Offline first, high performance

The app works great in places with unreliable connectivity and where a healthcare worker may be offline for days at a time. Simple works fast offline and data is synced whenever the user’s internet is active.

Use any Android device

Simple works on either personal phones or on clinic-owned tablets. The app has a small footprint, under 20MB, and is light on data usage. Simple works on any modern Android phone or tablet, version 5 or above, so you can get started with hardware already on hand.

How is Simple used in healthcare facilities?

This video was created for healthcare workers in India who use Simple. It explains the core functions of Simple in 5 minutes.

Is Simple really free?

This project is supported by Resolve to Save Lives, which enables us to provide Simple completely free of cost with no strings attached. This project will always be open source (MIT license) — free and open to contributions from everyone.

Simple is truly free to use

Use the code in any way

It will never cost money