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What’s the roadmap?

This project is at an early stage. Prototypes of an app were tested in India with the India Hypertension Management Initiative (IHMI) in April 2018 and our partners are close to testing a minimum viable product in the field in July.

We can envision a future where, working closely with ministries of health, in appropriate situations this app will be used in clinical care settings. Robust reporting tools will be built to track clinic and regional control of hypertension. And we are likely to create tools to help patients track their personal blood pressures. That said, it’s early days and we will be guided by lessons learned on the ground and by guidance from all of those involved in the project.

Where can I learn more?

There is a lot more about the broad project of Resolve to Save Lives' cardiovascular health goals on the website. In the future, we'll add a lot more content here, but to be honest we're not exactly sure where this project will lead.

Members of IHMI in India

Who contributes to this project?

This is an open source project with contributions from clinicians, designers, developers, and technologists. Some of the early contributors include: