About us

What’s the roadmap?

This project is at an early stage. A beta of the Simple app is deployed to clinics in Punjab as part of the India Hypertension Management Initiative (IHMI). We are learning from these active deployments and and we are expanding to more clinics. Simple will soon be used in public and private clinics in several Indian states.

We can envision a future where, working closely with ministries of health, in appropriate situations this app will be used in clinical care settings. Robust reporting tools will be built to track clinic and regional control of hypertension. And we are likely to create tools to help patients track their personal blood pressures. That said, it’s early days and we will be guided by lessons learned on the ground and by guidance from all of those involved in the project.

Where did this project start?

Simple is supported by Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of the not-for-profit Vital Strategies, which aims to reduce the number of people dying from heart disease and stroke in low- and middle-income countries. A key goal is to dramatically increase the number of people with hypertension who have their blood pressure measured and controlled. Simple, contextual digital platforms for tracking hypertension are essential, enabling actionable reporting and improved patient management.

What are our principles?

We have one overarching goal: save lives. This project will always be open source (MIT license), free, and open to contributions from everyone. We endorse the Principles for Digital Development. We will seek to embody the concepts of the Digital Principles, which are represented in our work culture and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities.

Where can I learn more?

There is a lot more about Resolve to Save Lives' cardiovascular health goals on the website. We will try to add more about the Simple project to this website in the near future.

What is Simple built with?

The Android app is written in Kotlin. The API is written in Ruby on Rails. Clinical data is FHIR compliant. Thanks for asking, fellow geeks!

Is Simple starting an open source community?

Yes. We are looking forward to establishing an open source community that includes designers, developers, implementers, healthcare workers, and patients. More information will be coming through this year. In the meantime, GitHub is the center for contributions..

Thank you

This project relies on excellent advice and participation from the partners of Resolve to Save Lives, the Government of India, the Government of Punjab, and countless clinical workers, patients, and colleagues who put in the hard work every day to improve the control of hypertension around the world.